How long is your new computer system warranty? DC Comp offers a two year limited warranty on all new systems. Parts are covered by manufacture defect for one year (Except CPU's). Labor is covered for two years on parts (Software is not covered at all). 
How long is your used computer system warranty?  DC Comp offers a seven day warranty on parts only for used systems.
How do you turn off the Windows logon screen? To turn off the password protection:


  1. Open the Network Control Panel.
  2. Make sure the Windows logon is selected, not the Microsoft network logon.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. When the logon window comes up, enter a name, (any name -- it doesn't matter), leave the password blank, and hit return.
  5. When it asks you to confirm that blank password, hit return again.


After that, you should never see the logon screen again.





I receive an error message when attempting to log on to the Internet "No dial tine detected!". Make sure the phone line is plugged in the line input on the modem and you are receiving dial tone.
I receive an error message when attempting to log on to the Internet "Internal Authentication Error!".
  1. Make sure your user name & password are correct
  2. Check your network configuration and make sure the TCP/IP drivers are correctly installed.
  3. Ensure your ISP is functionally correctly (Call your Internet provider).  
I get logged off the Internet constantly.
  1. Your ISP may be congested. Try using other dial up numbers or switch providers.
  2. Check your phone for line noise. Use a corded phone and press any number. If you hear static noises or other peoples conversations, then you have line noise. You will have to consult with your telephone provider.
  3. Make sure there are no devices hooked up before the modem, like fax machines and answer machines.
  4. Lower the port speed of the modem.
  5. Lower the send/receive buffer of the modem.
  6. Make sure your system meets the requirements for your modem.